Literally translating to the idea of a yoking or a union. To me this means to find a space where our breath, bodies, minds, and spirits can all connect and work together. To some this means connecting to a higher power, God, or nature. To me, none of these are wrong.

In my practice, I offer one on ones, workshops, retreats, therapeutic yoga, Art in Yoga (my favorite brain baby) and in conjunction with my massage practice as yogassage or massoga, the physical experience can be a much needed part in healing and maintenance. The breathwork can be so empowering in that it actually gives us direct access to our oft over stimulated nervous systems. We can trigger a space of feast and relax without a major effort, just a moment to slow down our exhale.

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Asana: the physical practice of yoga is such a great way to check in, here we can feel into those parts of us that may be carrying tension, feeling the need for more strength or space, feeling the need for more oxygen, or just needing to be thought of and attended to for a moment. This time on the mat is historically used as a way to prep the body to sit in meditation, working out all the kinks, pint up energy and allowing for a comfortable held seat. This, though is only a fraction of what yoga offers.

Stay tuned in to my blog to learn more of my perspective of yoga and all its magic, wonder and awesome. It’s a lifestyle, a daily practice that transcends the mind, the body and this plane of existence. In my opinion, it reaches in and allows us to hold ourselves in our divinity and light, our strength and flexibility, our love and compassion.

I hope to see you on a mat near me. If you are not proximal, I hope you’ll join the yoga journey and reach out if you feel so called or come participate in a retreat coming soon.